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13 Different Types of Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen is often considered an important part of any home, and there are virtually endless options when it comes to installing kitchen faucets. So you may be confused about which type of kitchen faucets you should choose. In this article, we will provide you with information about the types of kitchen faucets, which will help you choose the right faucet for your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Types of kitchen faucets

All kitchen faucets are designed to do the same job. They attach to your kitchen sink and control the flow of water. The types of kitchen faucets are mainly based on how they are installed, the type of handles they have, and their overall appearance. Among these types, you can find kitchen faucets in various styles, from the very common single-handle kitchen faucet to the smart kitchen faucet.

Before choosing new kitchen faucets for your kitchen, you should know how many options you have for faucets, comparing them to other types. Make sure you choose the right faucet because, you’re not installing this faucet for a while, it’s going to work in your kitchen for years.

Below are the different types of kitchen faucets, which will give you the flexibility to work while making your kitchen look attractive and beautiful.

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Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Single handle kitchen faucets

A single-handle kitchen faucet simplifies everyday kitchen tasks, allowing you to easily adjust the water volume and temperature with just one hand. These types of kitchen faucets require only one hole in the sink or countertop to accommodate the entire fixture, which is why it is often called single-hole faucet.

The single-handle kitchen faucet has a handle that controls the pressure of the water flow, and it can be turned from side to side or up and down. It may take some time to get the water to your desired temperature. This type of kitchen faucet makes it best for tight spaces.

Double Handle Kitchen Faucet

Double handle kitchen faucets

A double-handle kitchen faucet has separate handles for hot and cold water. Both water pressure and temperature can be controlled with these two handles. Typically in this type of kitchen faucet, the right handle controls the hot water, and the left handle controls the cold water. Sometimes, these two handles can be attached to the same central part, but in other cases, they are spaced a few inches apart.

These types of kitchen faucets require at least three holes in the sink and more if you want to add other accessories, such as sprayers.

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Pull out kitchen faucets

Pull-out kitchen faucets are designed so that the hose head can be detached from the faucet and used freely to reach all corners of the sink. These types of kitchen faucets can have a hose range of up to two feet or more, allowing users to access the water source to every corner of the sink.

The advantage of pullout faucets is that you can break the habit of using a separate sprayer to attack food stuck on dishes, reach every corner of a large sink, and even clean the space behind the faucet in the sink with ease.

Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pull down kitchen faucet

Pull-down kitchen faucets have a fixed head that extends downward into the sink. This type of kitchen faucet is the ideal choice for getting spray into all corners of the sink and into your pots and pans.

A deep sink is essential for pull-down faucets, as a shallow sink will splash a lot of water and ruin your kitchen. This faucet is an ideal choice for a deep sink, but unlike a pull-out kitchen faucet, it can only be used in a limited area.

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Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet

Wall mounted kitchen faucet

As the name suggests, wall-mounted kitchen faucets mount securely on the wall above the sink in the kitchen. It creates an effect that looks like the faucet is floating. These types of kitchen faucets give you extra countertop space as well as a sleek and refined look. It is also very easy to install and can be a DIY project for those who are comfortable with plumbing.

Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

Commercial style kitchen faucet

Commercial-style kitchen faucets are heavier duty than traditional faucets, making them highly efficient for restaurant or commercial kitchens. This type of kitchen faucet allows you to quickly clean dishes and fill pots with fresh water, sometimes even while the pot is on the stovetop.

Commercial kitchen faucets are highly advanced in terms of design, functionality, and features, but commercial kitchen faucets use a lot of water and are more expensive than their household counterparts. A commercial faucet can prove indispensable to a food business and help it run more efficiently. It can also help reduce maintenance costs.

Bridge kitchen faucet

bridge kitchen faucet

The bridge kitchen faucet has two handles – one for hot water and one for cold – which are connected by a horizontal connector pipe. The pipe is exposed above the countertop instead of below it. It forms a “bridge” between the hot and cold water lines. A faucet connects up and out of the middle of this bridge section.

Bridge faucets are generally considered more traditional in style. This type of kitchen faucet adds timeless charm to any kitchen.

Separate Spray Kitchen Faucet

separate spray kitchen faucet

A kitchen faucet with a separate sprayer provides useful convenience for washing hard-to-reach areas on dishes, utensils, and other large household items. Installed in a separate hole in the sink deck or countertop, the sprayer attachment has a hose that retracts under the counter when not in use.

A separate sprayer allows users to move water around, attack hard food particles up close, and keep the side sprayer free of sludge by using a separate faucet from the spout itself. It may be part of a single-hole or multi-hole configuration.

Kitchen Island Faucet

kitchen island faucet

Kitchen island faucets are designed for use on kitchen islands. They have a higher arc than other faucets, so they can reach taller pots and pans. These types of kitchen faucets will likely have your sink sitting inside your island, but your faucet will peek out above it, making it one of the most visible accents in your kitchen. Additionally, many kitchen island faucets come with special features like side sprayers or dual handles to give you more flexibility while cooking.

Pot Filler Faucet

Pot filler kitchen faucet

Pot fillers are a thoughtful addition to the kitchen and are more common than you might think. It has a wall-mounted faucet installed above the stove to add a convenient water source wherever you need it in the kitchen. Kitchen faucets of this type are made with special arm extensions that extend outwards. It can roll outwards and land on a pot or other large object in your sink.

Pot fillers are another convenient water source in your kitchen, designed to make cooking easier by providing easy access to water for your kettle of tea, morning oatmeal, or a big pot of pasta for dinner. With the kitchen as the hub of the home, having a pot filler kitchen faucet is a great idea to simplify your routine.

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Touch Activated Kitchen Faucet

touch activated kitchen faucet

In a touch-activated kitchen faucet, you can trigger or stop the flow of water by touching any part of the faucet. Therefore, any physical contact activates or deactivates the water flow. Often, the best touch water faucets have their entire bodies fitted with highly effective sensors. Touching anywhere inside their body will activate the highly sensitive sensors and help them finish their work.

Touch-activated faucets are the best choice for accessing water easily and quickly. This type of kitchen faucet is great for children who may have difficulty reaching the handles of other sinks. They cost more than traditional sink faucets. However, they can save you money over time by reducing water usage because they have automatic faucet shut-offs.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Touchless kitchen faucet (1)

Like touch-activated faucets, touchless kitchen faucets can trigger or stop water flow using sensors. These sensors are not designed to detect physical touch. Instead, they sense the presence of your hand or something else in front of the faucet. They are also often called touch-free faucets, or hand-free faucets because these types of kitchen faucets trigger the flow of water without the touch of a hand.

Most touchless kitchen faucets do this with an infrared detector attached to an infrared light. When your hand moves in front of the sensor, infrared light bounces off your hand and into the detector, so these are also known as motion-sensor kitchen faucets.

Smart Kitchen Faucet

Smart kitchen faucet

Smart kitchen faucets are powered faucets that use motion, one-touch, or voice commands to turn the water on or off. Some smart faucets are app-enabled; once you install the app on your smartphone, you can turn the water on or off of your kitchen faucets right from your smartphone. Additionally, you can control the temperature of the water from the sink, check usage, and keep the water flowing enough to ensure the pipes don’t freeze when Mother Nature brings the icy cold.

With smart faucets, you can also set the device to release a certain amount of water. So, if you need to fill a pitcher or add a cup of water to a pot, your faucet will fill the measuring cup to that exact point. With these types of kitchen faucets, since you can turn them on and off without touching the faucet, they keep everything in the kitchen clean and help keep germs and bacteria at bay.

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Faucet?

You will find many types of kitchen faucets to choose from when remodeling your home. Before you make color or style decisions, consider what type of faucet is right for your size and needs, and the cost of the faucet. Single handle or double handle, or even super smart with its own app so it can be controlled remotely via smartphone.

It is important to have an understanding of how you will use your space as well as the desired functionality before beginning any design process.

Best Brand of Kitchen Faucets

Many faucet brands have a long history of creating quality, innovative, and affordable faucets in a variety of styles to complement kitchen remodeling. Finding the best faucet brand for your home also depends on the design, durability, affordability, and warranty the brand offers. Take a look at our list of the top 10 best overall faucet brands we’ve selected.

Top Kitchen Faucet Brands Are as Below:

  1. Moen
  2. Delta
  3. Kraus
  4. Grohe
  5. American Standard
  6. Pfister
  7. Kohler
  8. Danze
  9. Elkay
  10. Waterstone

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What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Faucets?

All kitchen faucets are designed to do the same job. They attach to your kitchen sink and control the flow of water. The types of kitchen faucets are mainly based on how they are installed, the type of handles they have, and their overall appearance

The different types of kitchen faucets are as below:

  1. Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
  2. Double Handle Kitchen Faucet
  3. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
  4. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
  5. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet
  6. Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet
  7. Bridge kitchen faucet
  8. Separate Spray Kitchen Faucet
  9. Kitchen Island Faucet
  10. Pot Filler Faucet
  11. Touch Activated Kitchen Faucet
  12. Touchless Kitchen Faucets
  13. Smart Kitchen Faucet

Which Is Better Single or Double Handle Faucet?

A double-handle faucet has separate handles for cold and hot water. This allows you to truly customize the tap temperature. Whereas single-handle faucets have only one handle for cold water, which allows the flow of water at a single temperature. If you are in need of kitchen faucets in excess, then double-handle kitchen faucets will prove to be the best for you.

Which Is Better Pulldown or Pull Out Kitchen Faucet?

A pull-out faucet is also able to reach every corner of your sink. Yet avid cooks may prefer a pull-down faucet because its height makes it easier to fill tall pots and cookware. If you have a shallow sink, a pull-out faucet may be more beneficial, as it has less splashback than a pull-down model.

What Brand of Faucet Do Plumbers Recommend?

The best brands according to plumbers are Moen, Delta, and Kohler. Plumbers prefer these brands because of their quality, their reliability, and their availability.

What Type of Kitchen Faucet Do I Have?

You should look inside the faucet to find out what type of kitchen faucet (brand and model) you have. You will see a label with your brand name and model number for reference purposes. This information is useful when you are looking for replacement parts and need to match them to your faucet. It’s also helpful if you have any warranty issues or need an estimate for a replacement because many companies need this information to provide estimates and perform warranty work on products they don’t make themselves.

Do I Need a Plumber to Replace a faucet?

If you’re thinking of installing a new faucet or giving your kitchen a simple facelift, don’t try to tackle the task on your own. Instead, leave it to an experienced plumber and let them make sure the faucet gets installed correctly.

Which Faucets Last Longest?

Kitchen faucets are usually made of materials that will not corrode over time: usually brass and stainless steel. Less expensive models are often made of zinc alloy or plastic, which wears out over a short period of time.

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