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31 Different Types of Plumbing Tools

Friends, if you call a plumber at your house, you will see that the plumber is carrying a special bag with him. So have you ever wondered what is in that bag? And if you are thinking of starting a plumbing business, this topic will be very important for you, in which we will talk about what is used in plumbing tools and equipment.

So friends, today’s topic is plumbing tools, which we call pipe fitting tools. In this topic, we will take a look at each of the plumbing tools that plumbers mainly use. Every plumbing tool comes in handy and how it is designed.

What Are Plumbing Tools?

Plumbing tools

Plumbing tools are tools that facilitate the work of plumbers to perform many tasks like fitting pipes properly, loosening, unclogging, and repairing work. Moreover, tools that provide safety for the plumber to work, and increase their efficiency by listing their tasks are also part of the plumbing tools.

A plumber needs many tools for plumbing fitting work, and fixing, or repairing faucets. These tools help the plumber to do their job properly, so it is important that the tools are used properly and handled carefully to avoid any damage. To understand plumbing tools, we will divide them into different parts to make them easier to understand.

List of Plumbing Hand Tools

The plumbing tools list is as follows:

  • Plumbing Tools for Pipe Work
    • Press Fitting Systems
    • Pipe Bender
    • Thread Sealing Tape
    • Hacksaw
    • Tube and Plastic Pipe Cutters
    • Plumber’s Torch
    • Plier
    • Tape Measure
    • Pipe Reamer
    • Flashlight
    • Hole Saw Kit
  • Plumbing Tools for Wrenches
    • Pipe Wrench
    • Basin Wrench
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Torque Wrench
    • Faucet Key
  • Plumbing Tools for Clearing Clogs and Blockages
    • Plunger
    • Hand Auger
    • Snake Machine
    • Inspection Camera
    • Hydro Jetter
  • Plumbing Tools for Safety
    • Gloves
    • Goggles
    • Heat Shields/pads
  • Plumbing Tools for Other Essentials
    • Screwdriver
    • Crimper
    • Hammer
    • Chisel
    • Drill Machine
    • Pipe Vice
    • Clamp
  •  Plumbing Business Tools

Plumbing tools for Pipe Work

If you want to be a successful plumber, then you need to keep these types of tools in your bag as they make it easier for you to work with pipes.

1. Press Fitting Systems

Plumbing tools press fitting system

A press fitting system is an important part for a plumber to securely connect pipes for the success of any plumbing project. The plumber can securely connect the pipes through a press-fitting system in less time than the time it takes for a plumber to weld or solder, which saves the plumber time and money.

2. Pipe Bender

Plumbing tools pipe bender

Pipe benders are tools commonly used in the tube bending or pipe bending process. Trying to return the pipes to their original shape can cause them to break or be damaged. It is not required for tube bending, but its use makes pipe bending much easier and more convenient.

3. Thread Sealing Tape

Plumbing tools thread sealing tape

Thread sealing tape, also known as “plumber’s tape.” The plumber uses this tape to prevent possible leaks on the threaded joint connection in the piping. It can also be applied to faucets, valves, and other plumbing systems. This material is commonly found as thin white tape.

4. Hacksaw

Plumbing tools hacksaw

A hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw made primarily for cutting metal. It is used to remove a variety of hardware, including pipes, nuts, bolts, and screws. Plumbers should keep tightly secured and spare blades in their trucks.

5. Tube and Plastic Pipe Cutters

tube and plastic pipe cutter

Tube and plastic pipe cutters are hand-held tools or machines used to remove excess pieces of plastic or copper pipe. It can be a handheld tube, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically powered.

6. Plumber’s Torch

Plumber's torch

A plumber’s torch is a small, handheld device that allows a plumber to solder and seal new piping by applying intense heat to specific areas for the installation and replacement of new pipes. They are required to have a list of all plumbing fixtures.

7. Plier

Plumbing tools plier

A plumbing Plier is a hand tool. It is used to hold things firmly. They allow professionals to loosen and tighten too small to hold nuts and bolts. They fit easily into the plumber’s hand to squeeze in tight spaces where the wrench doesn’t fit.

8. Tape Measure

Plumbing tools tape measure

A tape measure is a common measuring tool that helps measure size or distance. It is designed to easily carry large-length measurements in a pocket or toolkit. They also allow for measuring around curves or angles.

9. Pipe Reamer

pipe reamer

Pipe reamer works with pipe and metal tubing. The basic function of a pipe reamer is to remove holes drilled inside pipes or in metal. Many pipe reamers with T-shaped handles are used manually, and others can be mounted on drills for larger burrs.

10. Flashlight


A flashlight is a portable electric-powered light source that can be held by hand. It can also be called a torch. This is small enough to hold in hand and carry around. It is usually a good idea to have a flashlight when the plumber has to go to a dark place like a basement.

11. Hole Saw Kit

hole saw kit

The hole saw kit is used to make incisions in plasterboard, plastic, metal, and wood studs. When you have to do pipe work but metal, wood, or any other material along the way that is impossible to move, it is used to make holes in it.

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Plumbing Tools for Wrenches

A wrench is an important part of plumbing tools. Without it, the list of plumbing tools would be incomplete. It does not work for a single-size fitting; it is equally useful for different sizes.

There are different types of wrenches as follows:

1. Pipe Wrench

pipe wrench

A pipe wrench is a plumbing tool used to loosen or tighten pipes and fittings. With granular jaws and a long handle for turning, this wrench provides a grip. It is also called a Plumber wrench.

Plumbers often use two pipe wrenches, one to hold the pipe and the other to loosen or tighten the nuts or fittings. It gives a good grip which makes this task easier. If you look in any plumber’s tool bag, you will usually find a couple of pipe wrenches.

2. Basin Wrench

basin wrench

Basin wrench is sometimes called a sink wrench. It is a plumbing tool used to rotate fasteners in confined spaces where a plumber’s wrench or other types of wrenches is difficult or impossible to wrench.

3. Adjustable Wrench

adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is also called an adjustable spanner. It is any of the different styles of the wrench with a movable jaw, which allows it to be used with different sizes of fastener heads.

4. Torque Wrench

torque wrench

A torque wrench is a tool that makes it easy to tighten bolts, nuts, and screws precisely. It is used to apply a certain torque to fasteners such as nuts, bolts, or lag screws. A torque wrench lets you customize the amount of torque.

5. Faucet Key

faucet key

The faucet key is not a traditional wrench but, nevertheless, an important part of the plumbing fixtures list. It is used to open and close tamper-resistant Silcox and tube bibs. If you notice these faucets, you will find them in every residential, commercial, and industrial building. Also known as Silcox Key, Hose Bibs Key, Spigots Key, and Valve Key.

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Plumbing Tools for Clearing Clogs and Blockages

The plumber does not always have to work for drinking water. Sewer cleaning is also a part of the plumber’s job. So they need to know how to remove the clog inside the sewer, for which the following tools will be useful.

1. Plunger


A plunger is a tool for removing obstructions in sewers and pipes. It usually consists of a rubber suction cup attached to a rod made of wood or plastic. Most homeowners have toilet plungers and sink plungers, but the plumber must have them too.

2. Hand Auger

hand auger

The hand auger is a round, handheld device that allows plumbers to run the cable deeper down the drain. This is a thick cable, usually steel, which you crank by hand to lengthen the cable through your drain and clean it.

When your sink or shower drain is clogged and the plunger is not effective, you need a hand auger. For small drains (hand basin or kitchen sink), a drain auger or sink auger should be sufficient for work. It can also be called a plumbing augerpipe auger, Plumbing Snake, or pipe snake.

3. Snake Machine

snake machine

A snake machine is also sometimes called a Drain Snake. It is a large and motorized version of a thin, flexible auger. It is used to remove clogs in plumbing. When clogs are particularly deep or difficult to displace, Snake machines are reserved to remove them. It’s also sometimes called a toilet jack.

It can also be called a drain opener tool, a drain cleaner tool, and a drain cleaning machine as it cleans the drain and removes the clogs from the drain to make way for water.

4. Inspection Camera

inspection camera

The inspection camera is known by many names as borescope, borescope camera, sewer camera, or even drain camera. It is essentially a small camera that is tied to the end of a very long and narrow-diameter cable and placed very low in the drains and sewer lines to better see the condition of the piping and anything that could interfere with it.

Small plumbing businesses can now use prosumer models that connect directly to smartphones for faster, more convenient applications, which has made borescopes much cheaper and more accessible in recent years.

5. Hydro Jetter

hydro jetter

The hydro jetter is one of the best tools a plumber has. When it comes to professional sewer cleaning services, this is a very useful tool. These devices use a motor to put water under extremely high pressure, then blast water from a nozzle at the end of a long tube inserted into the sewer.

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Plumbing Tools for Safety

Experienced plumbers know how much risk there is with their work. If they are aware of many accidents, these tools will be very helpful in reducing the chances of accidents and keeping you safe.

1. Gloves


Plumbing gloves are an essential barrier between a plumber and hazardous materials. Plumbers come in contact with a lot of hazardous or dirty things that no one wants to touch with open hands. It protects the plumber’s hand, allowing slippery objects to be grasped more easily.

2. Goggles


The plumber has to inspect leaks, soldering, and other items closely. Which can be potentially dangerous for their eyes. Plumbing goggles protect them from these hazards and keep their eyes safe.

3. Heat Shields/pads

Plumbing tools heat shield

Heat shields help plumbers, and the surrounding environment avoids heat loss or fire when soldering. It can be used to prevent studs, walls, floors, and other surfaces from being damaged by sparks or flames. If soldering is a regular part of your routine, it is important to use appropriate safety equipment for your safety and that of the homeowner.

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Plumbing Tools for Other Essentials

We’ve seen a list of plumber’s hand tools, but other tools make the plumber’s job easier. These tools are as follows.

1. Screwdriver


The screwdriver is considered one of the plumbing hand tools used when you do not have access to power tools. It is used to tighten or loosen a screw in an inaccessible place for an electric screwdriver. There are different types of screwdrivers like flathead, Philips bits, and stubby screwdrivers.

2. Crimper


A pipe crimping tool is a tool used to make a connection by distorting and squeezing the material. Its use is important in PEX-related plumbing. Plumbers use it with other types of piping besides PEX.

3. Hammer


A hammer is a hand tool that consists of a fixed weight “head” on a long handle that is swung to affect a small area of the object. Modern hammers can also be used to drive and remove nails.

4. Chisel


A chisel is a tool for carving or cutting hard materials, with a characteristically shaped cutting edge at the end of the blade. It can be broken by hard pressing or mechanical blowing of hard materials like stone or metal. Some chisel handles are made of wood or metal, while blades are made of sharp metal.

5. Drill Machine

drill machine

Drill machines are used to drill holes in concrete and masonry and install clamps to hold water and drain pipes.

6. Pipe Vice

pipe vice

A pipe vice is a plumbing tool used to secure a pipe or tubing. Which allows the pipe to be cut or threaded. It is also used for pipe welding.

7. Clamp

Plumbing tools clamp

Plumbing clamps are also known as pipe clamps, pipe clips, or saddle clamps. It is a relatively simple fitting widely used in many installation settings. It is used to hang the pipe or support it and hold it tightly to the wall.

Clamps are also used to repair damaged, perpendicular, or leaking water pipes by securing the pipe in its place, called a pipe repair clamp.

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Plumbing Business Tools

Plumbing tools software

A good plumber has a lot of knowledge, but his business only works when he does his job with confidence. And this helps build trust in plumbing business tools for growing his own business, such as software tools. Its use makes the work of a plumber easier.

Through it, the plumber can easily perform various tasks like customer information, call schedule, daily work, and marketing, which helps him to grow the business further.

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What Is Plumbing Sneak?

A plumbing sneak is a round, handheld device that allows plumbers to run the cable deeper down the drain. This is a thick cable, usually steel, which you crank by hand to lengthen the cable through your drain and clean it.

What Is a drum auger?

The drum auger is also called a sink auger or canister auger. It’s just a matter of clearing the clogs in the sink and bathtub sewer. Due to its configuration, it is called a drum auger.

What Are the Drain Unclogger Tools?

There are 5 different types of drain unclogger tools as follows:

  1. Plungers
  2. Hand Auger
  3. Snake Machine
  4. Inspection Camera
  5. Hydro Jetter

What Is a Leak Finder?

Many people also call a leak finder a leak detector. Plumbers use it to direct leaks. Ground microphones and listening discs are among the basic instruments that, using sound technology, can hear the sound of water coming out and dripping even from the concrete layer.

What Is the Most Common Plumbing Tool Used by Plumbers?

A pipe wrench is known as the most important tool in plumbing and is used for basic plumbing purposes. A pipe wrench loosens and tightens pipes, in addition, helps plumbers fit pipelines.

What Is the Best Brand of Plumbing Tools?

The following are the best power tool brands for plumbing tools.

  1. Milwaukee
  2. Makita
  3. Bosch
  4. Evolution
  5. DeWalt

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