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11 Types of Bathrooms | What Is a Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most essential and curious parts of any home, building, or office. The bathroom is not only the space where we go to take care of our hygiene, but it is also necessary for many other aspects. A proper-designed and maintained bathroom can make a good impression on others and significantly improve and make a difference in our daily lives. This article discusses the 11 Different types of bathrooms, which will be very useful for building a new bathroom or for a bathroom remodel.

What Is a Bathroom?


A bathroom is a vital part of any home or building that is used for personal hygiene and relaxation. It typically includes essential fixtures such as a sink, toilet, shower or bathtub, and storage cabinets. Bathrooms can vary in size and design, from small powder rooms to luxurious master bathrooms with spa-like features. They can also be customized to meet the specific needs of the occupants, such as incorporating accessibility features for people with disabilities.

The design and style of a bathroom can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a home or building and can be an essential factor in determining its value. Overall, a bathroom is an essential space that provides a functional and comfortable environment for personal care and relaxation.

Types of Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an essential part of any home, providing a space for personal hygiene and relaxation. There are several types of bathrooms, each with its unique features and functions. The eleven basic and essential types of modern bathrooms are as:

1. Full Bathroom

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom is a type of bathroom that includes all the essential fixtures for personal hygiene, such as a bathtub, a shower, a sink, and a toilet. It is typically found in most homes and is a common feature in new construction. Full bathrooms are designed to provide a comfortable and functional space for individuals to carry out their daily hygiene routines.

The size of a full bathroom can vary, depending on the available space and the preferences of the occupants. Some full bathrooms may also include additional features, such as storage cabinets, a vanity, or a bidet.

2. Half Bathroom

Half Bathroom

A half bathroom, also known as a powder room, is a type of bathroom that includes a sink and a toilet, but no bathtub or shower. It is usually located on the main floor of a home, near the living or dining areas, and is primarily used by guests. These types of bathrooms are designed to provide a convenient space for guests to freshen up, without the need to use the private bathrooms of the occupants.

Half bathrooms are typically smaller in size than full bathrooms and may also include additional features such as a mirror, a hand towel holder, and a small storage area. It can be decorated with a variety of styles and themes and can be an excellent opportunity to showcase unique design elements, such as wallpaper or a statement lighting fixture.

3. Quarter Bathroom 

Quarter Bathroom

A quarter bathroom, sometimes called a utility bathroom, is a tiny room that typically only has a toilet and a sink. Laundry rooms and other utility rooms usually use these types of bathrooms for the convenience of residents or visitors. Quarter bathrooms can also be found in basements or garages.

4. Three-Quarter Bathroom

Three-Quarter Bathroom

A three-quarter bathroom is usually smaller than a full bathroom. It typically includes a sink, toilet, and shower stall but lacks a bathtub. These types of bathrooms are commonly found and used in homes or apartments with limited space, such as in a guest room or basement.

The shower stall in a three-quarter bathroom may be a standard size or a smaller, more compact size to fit the space constraints. Installing a shower curtain instead of a glass enclosure can also help save space. Some homeowners may also choose to install a space-saving combination unit with a toilet and sink in one compact fixture.

5. Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

A master bathroom is a specific one directly connected to the master bedroom and is designed and decorated specifically for the homeowner’s use. It usually includes a bathtub, a shower, two sinks, and other luxurious features such as heated floors, a Jacuzzi, or a spa-like atmosphere.

A dressing area, a walk-in closet, and a separate toilet room also can be included in the master bathroom. The design and decor of the master bathroom often show the tastes and preferences of the homeowner. They can even feature opulent fixtures, premium finishes, and decorative details.

6. Jack-and-Jill Bathroom

Jack-and-Jill Bathroom

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a type of bathroom that is shared between two adjacent bedrooms, typically designed for children or siblings. It includes two separate entrances, each leading into a private area with a sink, mirror, and storage space. The shared area includes a bathtub, shower, and toilet, which can be accessed from either side of the bathroom.

Jack and Jill bathrooms are designed to provide privacy and convenience for the occupants while maximizing the available space. They are often designed with a gender-neutral theme and can be decorated in a variety of styles to suit the preferences of the occupants.

7. Split/Split-Entry Bathroom

Split Bathroom

A split bathroom is commonly referred to as a split-entry bathroom. There is a type of bathroom that includes the sink and vanity, which are located outside of the main bathroom area. This design is often found in tiny, split-level homes or apartments.

By placing the sink and vanity in a corridor or alcove outside of the bathroom, multiple people can use the bathroom simultaneously. To add more privacy, a split bathroom may also feature and be designed with a separate shower or bathtub area and a separate toilet area.

8. Corner Shower Bathroom

Corner Shower Bathroom

A corner shower bathroom is specifically designed with a shower stall placed in the corner of the room to maximize space. This design is often found in small apartments or hotel rooms. To make the most of the limited space available, the corner shower stall may be standard or more compact.

In addition to a corner shower bathroom, it may also include a sink and toilet within the bathroom itself or have a sink and vanity located outside of the bathroom for increased storage and functionality of the system.

9. Wet Room

Wet Room bathrooms

A wet room is a type of bathroom that is designed to be completely waterproof, with an open shower area that has no enclosure or tray. The entire space is covered in waterproof materials such as tiles, and the floor is sloped towards a drain to prevent water from accumulating. These types of bathrooms are a modern and minimalist alternative to traditional bathrooms and are popular in Europe and other parts of the world.

Wet rooms are especially suitable for small bathrooms and can be customized to fit any size or shape. Wet rooms offer several benefits, including ease of cleaning, accessibility for people with mobility issues, and a sleek and contemporary look. They can also be designed with various features such as underfloor heating, a built-in bench, or a freestanding bathtub.

10. Family Bathroom

Family Bathrooms

A family bathroom is a type of bathroom that is designed to be shared by multiple people, including children and adults. It typically includes a range of fixtures such as a bathtub, a shower, a sink, and a toilet, along with ample storage space for towels and other bathroom essentials.

These types of bathrooms are often located near the bedrooms and are designed to provide a comfortable and functional space for personal hygiene. Family bathrooms are typically larger than half bathrooms but smaller than master bathrooms and can be customized to meet the needs of the occupants.

Family bathrooms may also include features such as a double sink, a separate toilet area, and a built-in bathtub with a shower enclosure. They can be decorated with a variety of styles and themes, such as colorful tiles or fun patterns, to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

11. Accessible Residential Bathroom

Accessible Bathrooms

An accessible bathroom is designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is made to accommodate people with disabilities or mobility issues, which is why it is also referred to as an ADA-compliant bathroom.

These types of bathrooms include features such as grab bars, a roll-in shower, and toilets and sink accessible to people in wheelchairs. It also may consist of a handheld showerhead, a shower seat, and other elements to make the bathroom more comfortable and functional for individuals with disabilities.


The bathroom is the space for the comfort and better hygiene of the people, but at the same time, it reflects the natural view of the owner of the home or organization. For a positive impression, a well-designed bathroom is required, which gives a pleasant appearance and makes it a more comfortable and relaxing space for the users.


What Are the Different Types of Bathrooms?

The eleven basic and essential types of modern bathrooms are as:

  1. Full Bathroom
  2. Half Bathroom
  3. Quarter Bathroom
  4. Three-Quarter Bathroom
  5. Master Bathroom
  6. Jack-and-Jill Bathroom
  7. Split/Split-Entry Bathroom
  8. Corner Shower Bathroom
  9. Wet Room
  10. Family Bathroom
  11. Accessible Residential Bathroom

Where Are the Essential Fixtures Included in the Bathroom?

A bathroom usually includes essential fixtures such as a sink, toilet, shower or bathtub, and storage cabinets.

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